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After Troy falls, Neoptolemus claims Polyxena as his prize, but she rejects his advances. In a fit of rage, Neoptolemus contrives a story that dooms the ill-fated Polyxena. She knows what she must do to survive, but she cannot change her destiny.

Polyxena, the daughter of King Priam of Troy, knows her misfortune has been to have Neoptolemus fall in love with her. As she prepares to die at the commemoration rites for Neoptolemus's father, Polyxena reflects over her past year, relating her thoughts to Aphrodite, the Goddess she believes is responsible for orchestrating the events that have beset her. As she tries to make sense of it all, Polyxena converses with all the well-known personages associated with the Trojan myth-Achilles, Agamemnon, Cassandra, Helen, and many others-while seeking solace in the hope that her existence has not been futile.

In this moving story of forbidden love, a young woman who is an integral part of the romantic legacy surrounding Troy comes to a surprising and satisfying conclusion about the life she has lived.


“Do not try to lecture me, foolish woman.”  –Penthesileia

“No man will ever possess me.”   –Antiope, the Amazon

“Can we deny our destinies?”  -Achilles

“All he wants from you is his temporary pleasures, his sexual gratification.”  -Menodice on Achilles

“Men in love do stupid things.”  -Paris

“My, my, you are a shameless slut.”  -Deiphobus

“I’ll not have a self-indulgent daughter in this household who will not incur the obligations of adulthood.”  -Hecuba

“Then you understand my predicament?”  -Helen

“Oh, she sees a threat in everyone.  Don’t listen to her.”  -Priam on Cassandra

“I knew you couldn’t stay away from me.”  -Neoptolemus

H. Allenger (aka Herb Aldinger) earned a BA in Public Administration and a MA in International Relations. After thirty-one years with the Seattle School District, he is now retired and pursuing his true passions which include mythology, archeology, and writing. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington, and enjoys traveling the world.

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